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Content Marketing

I write a lot about content strategy, optimizing content, better content writing, and lots of specific tips for content marketers and business owners.


How to Schedule Social Media Updates Like a Pro

If you’re not scheduling your social media updates with Hootsuite, you should be. Click here to watch a video on how to do it.


5 Smartest Places to Find Blog Post Ideas

The most influential content marketers on the planet don’t sit around waiting for The Muse to strike. Fill your content calendar— without pulling your hair out — with these resources.


5 Timesaving Tricks to Promote Your Content

Click here to learn 5 timesaving tricks to promote your content without getting a migraine. No social media team or graphic designer needed.


Content Style Guides: How to Publish Consistent Content Across Teams & Platforms

Publish consistent content -- even with multiple writers -- by creating a content style guide. Inside, 5 examples to inspire you.


The Anatomy of an Effective Content Brief

Here's how to get the content you actually want — the first time around.