How to Schedule Social Media Updates Like a Pro

A great way to save time on your content marketing is to schedule your social media updates in advance.  

Spending 15-20 minutes every day posting to your networks can be a huge time suck (especially if you have a tendency to get lost on Twitter).

Instead, scheduling tools allow you to write all your content in advance and enter it in one “batch”. Then your scheduling tool posts for you throughout the week or month.  

There are tons of free options available, but my favorite and the one I get asked about most is Hootsuite.

Here’s how to schedule your social media content with Hootsuite

Now, it’s called “social media” for a reason — so you can’t totally set it and forget it. You’ll still need to check in on your networks each day, respond to comments, and interact with your followers. Fortunately, you can do that right in Hootsuite, too!

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